Playing with Fashion Fuse

So the mighty people at Pellon sent me a package to play with. They wanted us to play with Fashion Fuse and see what we could come up with. I received some gold Pleather and some white fur. I confess that I’ve never ever stitched with pleather before. I’ve also never had anything this gold. But I jumped in.

22 finished clutch

The fun of Fashion Fuse is that there are materials like leather, pleather and faux fur that you could not use a regular fusable interfacing for because of the temperatures you would have to set your iron to. These fabrics need a lower set iron to keep their “hand” or the softness of the material.

1 supplies

I was fun to try something that I would never have tried otherwise. I never would have tried gold or pleather. I ditched the faux fur because it made me itch just being near it.

I thought that the gold was enough on it’s own so I went for a simple clutch. I think it is adorable. You should pop on over to the Pellon Projects Blog  to check it out.

Now I can officially say that I have a gold pleather clutch. I think I may use it for my sewing supplies.

What are you working on lately?