Fall is upon us

And it is kicking my in my butt…er I mean head. I missed out on Fall for 15 years when we lived in Arizona. It may just be my favorite season, right after Christmas. That is a season, isn’t it? Christmas?


There is a huge farm locally that I adore to drive past. Two years ago, they planted these maple trees in a row along side of the road. There are three different kinds of trees and they were planted in a pattern. You can’t tell the pattern until Fall is here and the leaves are changing. It is a 1, 2, 3 pattern for those of you with little ones learning patterns in school.

I have been all stuffed inside my head for a good two weeks now. I’m talking Vertigo, pounding sinuses, the whole nine. So while I’m enjoying the colors changing outside, I am keeping the windows and doors shut tight.

My favorite color was Pink/Red for most of my life. But after the first Fall here a few years ago, yellow slowly became my favorite. I couldn’t remember such a beautiful color as the yellow of the leaves in the fall. And now that we have been through a few more of these magnificent Falls here, orange is joining the yellow, making my favorite colors yellow and orange.

My head still hurts if I am out in it for too long. But man, there is just nothing like the changing colors of Fall.

BTW, I signed up for Schnitzel & Boo’s Mini Quilt Swap. I’m not sure what I was thinking.

I also signed up for an ornament swap on Flickr. I think it is the dizziness in my head leading me to do these things.

Ok, I am excited though. I have so many ideas floating around in my head for them.

Hello October, and welcome Fall!

What is your favorite season?