Some pattern testing

My son adores owls. Snowy owls are his first love and then there is a list from there in a specific order of his preference. But I won’t bore you with the list. Just know that there is a list;)

 owl test 

When I saw Juliet of Tartankiwi’s post entitled Not for the Faint-Hearted! #1 I saw an amazing owl pattern. And #2 I saw a great challenge;) If you tell me it is going to be a challenge, and it has something to do with fabric, you have just become my best friend.


It was quite a challenge to come up with some interesting textured fabrics for this lovely owl. I wanted to find something white with black on it to make into a snowy owl. But it was impossible to find at the one quilt shop nearby. They do however, have a treasure trove of traditional fabrics and tons that were brown. Score. I thought this toile was perfect with some of the sketchy  images. There were lots of big trees in it and I tried to fussy cut it for the belly of the owl. You can see in the image of the head below, there is a person in the print. You can’t see it now that it is all put together.


What a treat! Thanks Juliet for letting me test your beautiful pattern.