I’m teaching at the local-ish quilt shop!

To say there is a local quilt shop, is sort of misleading. It isn’t like I live in Salt Lake City where there are quilt/craft stores almost like Starbucks in Seattle. No, I live in a more rural area. I have one very traditional quilt shop about 35 minutes from me. Another one 45 minutes and then a few that incorporate some more modern fabrics 1 hour from me.

The DC Modern Quilt Guild sometimes meets at Capital Quilts, which is where I will have my classes. They have recently expanded and are carrying more modern fabrics now!

You can read about my classes here. This last week, I made up my store samples for my classes. Somehow, in the midst of making them and life, I forgot to take real camera pictures of them. So you get my phone pictures.

First I made a quilt from Jaybird Quilt patterns, Tiny Dancer. 1274598_10201893182309245_454067348_o

It uses her Hexnmore ruler. I adored putting this together. I like a good challenge. Getting all those points to match up is much more of a challenge than a regular 45 or 90 degree angle. I think I did a good job matching. 935948_10201897703182264_90881965_n

There were only a few that I would have liked to have ripped out and lined up a little better. I do so love my seam ripper. I’m serious. It is like a magic wand. I take out my seams and then try it again, usually resulting in better matches.


Another fun thing is that two of the edges are zig zagged so you get to bind on the bias. I was delitghted to have had this quilt on my lap to sew on the binding on Saturday’s soccer games. It was cold out and I was not ready for the weather to have turned. The quilt kept my legs toasty warm.



Then do you remember my Charm Leaf tutorial from last year?981596_10201893195269569_1531213661_o

I get so many hits on my blog from this. So I decided to write it up and teach a class on it too. I admit, I am in love with these leaves. I will be making them into large leaves for a quilt later this month too! Stick around to read more about that down the line.


Anyway, I am super excited to get to teach something I love! If you are local, come take my classes. You will forever be my new bestie if you do and I’ll buy you a lollipop too. Ok, maybe not, but I would love to see you in my class;)