Back to School, a project and a reflection

Well it is back to school around these parts. My family in Arizona all started over a month ago. But we just started a couple of weeks ago.


I made my son a key ring to carry his flash drive to school in and shared the directions with Pellon Projects. It was super quick to make up and since my son loves owls, he is happy. Hopefully that teeny little drive won’t get lost this year since he has somewhere to put it;) You can make one too if you would like. Pop on over to Pellon to get the project.


So both my boys were off to school. I had to do the whole tradition of first day pictures and what they want to be when they grow up.


When he grows up he wants to be a video game designer. 6th grade this year. Yikes!



I suspect this one was influenced by big brother’s career choice. He wants to be a  game tester. 2nd Grade this year.



And of course, one of them together. It is a strange year with them in different schools. They are the best brothers.

Just quickly looking back over the first day of school pictures of the past, I thought I’d share some of my favorites. (They are all my favorites after all!)


20090810_011 20090810_014

When he was in second grade, he wanted to be like his dad when he grew up. What is not to love about that?! Aaah! They kill me!


      20090909_003 20110824_999_7 

Preschool he wanted to be a cop, Kindergarten he was going to be a scientist.

I’ve been so lucky to have become a Mom. Now I wonder what else I’m going to be when I grow up. How about you?