Teacher gifts

This year for the end of year teacher gifts I opted to make totes for the teachers. I searched for free tutorials and then of course, altered them to fit my preferences. All in all, I made three different totes each one to fit the preferences of the teacher.


Both teachers loved them and they fit each teacher well! Yay!

The third tote was for the school nurse. My son has a chronic illness and spends a fair amount of time in the nurse’s office. She takes really good care of him. When they took the totes to their teachers, he told me that his favorite teacher is the nurse. So I HAD to make her a tote last minute.

I told her about my little conversation with my son where he said she was his favorite. I think she liked that.

Yesterday we received the nicest thank you note in the mail from her. She said she uses it every day at the hospital and she loves it.

I forgot how much I liked making totes. A few years back, I went on a tote making kick and made totes for everything. I can see a lot more tote making in my future.