How about some 3 dimensional quilt action on the Moda Bake Shop?

moda bake shop

That is my little tutorial for it. Run over to Moda Bake Shop and make one of your own.

I am sure I say this every time I finish anything, but I super puffy heart love this.


My boys super diamond and budder {Minecraft talk} love this.


You may have seen me making them if you follow my other social media places.

measuring up

This is my son helping me decide if it was big enough.

 see the dimension

And here is one of the pinwheels in all it’s dimensional glory. Uhm, did you happen to notice the people that left me comments? Yah, it makes me giggle to have such awesome quilters commenting on my things. We are all tight now;) Ok, maybe just in my mind. I mean, I have been following some of them for years. In my head we are besties. But I can say that Quirky Granola Girl is my friend IRL. Pinky Swear. She is in the DC Modern Quilt Guild with me. She rocks. For reals.

So go forth and make a dimensional quilt with my tutorial and remember to share pictures with me. My dream is to have someone make something from my quilt tutorials and share pictures with me. It has happened once, to my delight.