The story of my Remember quilt

by anjeanette

Have you seen the lovely line Remember from Carina Garner by Riley Blake Designs? I just adore it! I love the greys and the pinks together with a hint of red. Even the selvage is lovely.


She has a little bit of almost everything I adore. There is pink Damask, Grey circles, stripes and even a lovely texty fabric.


I was lucky enough to get to make a little tutorial for Riley Blake using this lovely line! Sweet.



We live close to many historical battlefields here in Maryland. I decided to take the finished quilt over to Burnside Bridge for a little photo shoot with my boys. Not to get confused, the photo shoot was for my quilt and not my boys. I really need to sneak some time in to take pictures of the boys too. I’m a bit smitten with them.


Any hoodle, Burnside Bridge is located in Antietam National Battlefield. We drove around and my 7 year old took some pictures. (Which is why they are a little wonky.) 


Antietam National Battlefield today is gorgeous! Lots of rolling hills and statues.

20130612_999_69 20130612_999_86

So my little hand models were doing their job that day. See those four adorable little hands clutching the quilt? Aren’t they just the cutest? My kids were delighted that I let them climb up on the wall to take this picture. Walls, after all, are for climbing on.

by anjeanette for title 

My 11 year old was suggesting great places for me to place the quilt for more pictures. I was clicking away, when I spied this.



Military Men! It was a very hot and humid Maryland day. My kids and I were melting. And here were some of our current day military men decked out in full gear, including backpacks. That is just crazy! They are amazing!! It was actually a mix of different branches of the military including four Marines. I didn’t realize they mixed it up like that.

Seriously some dedication right there. I was delighted to have history and current military collide one one very hot and humid day. It was all I could do not to get a little verklempt. The kids and I loved it.


PS. Hop onto Riley Blake to check out the tutorial for this awesome quilt. I had so much fun making it. I would love to see if you make one for yourselves.