My Tammy Bag on the blog hop

Hi folks! I am so excited to be sharing my Tammy today.

Tammy 1   

When I was blog hopping one day, I saw the adorable Tammy bag that was posted on the call for sign ups on Sew We Quilt! I immediately started singing the song from Tammy and the Bachelor. And every time since then, that I have been working on or thinking of my Tammy, I have had the song in my head too.

I do have to admit that I am only a fan of Debbie Reynolds as Tammy. I’m a purist like that I guess.

Tammy 2

I haven’t ever made anything with a clasp on the top. This was fun.I had this fabric that I knew would be perfect for my little Tammy. And I was dying to make some chicken scratch for it. If you are going to put chicken scratch on gingham, you have to put a little rick rac on it too.

When I was sewing this together, I did kind of square up the bottom a little more. So my Tammy is a little more flat and stout. But I still think she is adorable! Tammy 3

I just have a little hand stitching in mine right now. Two of my favorite Presencia threads, a few things I am stitching, a seam ripper, scissors. My thimbles have sprouted legs and walked off, unfortunately.

Tammy 4

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Thanks Madame Samm for a fun pattern and a fun blog hop.