Just one word

Last year, I was lurking on the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild. I live in the middle of nowhere and really want to connect with other creative souls. They each made something with their chosen word for the year. I know the scrapbook world has picked one word for the year for a while now too.
The word that spoke to me the most all year long was “JOY”. It is such a small word and can mean so much. I never did anything with the idea though. I did think of it often all year long. But that is it.
This year I decided to pick a word for real. Joy still is in my heart so I chose…20130103_999_8
I rumbled through my meager fabric stash and picked the colors that spoke to me the most. Yellow is my favorite color and I liked this grey to go with it. I wanted to keep my little project simple, so I just picked those two colors.

The letters were typed up from Word and then I just stitched over the printer paper. No products or careful piecing. Just a get-er done project. I had to hurry and finish it before I changed my mind. No fussing.
I used a double batting because I wanted the word to pop.  I just did some free motion quilting to fill in the space.I love texture in quilting. I also just love to let loose and make, not worrying about perfection. I bound it with a teeny binding that is yellow and white stripes.
I hope this year is full of joy. And I hope that I can fully enjoy it.
What about you? Do you have a favorite word for this year?

ETA: I've recieved a few questions as to how I did this. It was super simple. I printed the words out on regular printer paper. I layered the grey fabric on top of the yellow fabric (both of them facing right sides up), then put the paper right on top of that. I stitched around the letters on the paper and made sure to use small stitches. When I was done, I ripped the paper off and trimmed around the letters of the grey fabric with small curved scissors making sure not to cut into the yellow fabric below.. Kind of like this http://rootsandwingsco.blogspot.com/2009/09/pumpkin-pencil-topper-aka-non-candy.html