Snowflake the Snow Chick pattern on Pellon Projects



I grew up in Utah. A normal part of my growing up was that my Mother and Grandmother would go to regular Women’s meetings and learn how to make things. I’m not sure if it was my Mom or my Grandma who made these snowmen couples. They were out of some really airy polyester batting. It makes me sneeze just thinking about the texture.


They were adorned with lots and lots of sequins. And I thought they were fabulous. This was the 70’s people. You needed sequins on everything.


I think about those snow couples every year. I used to go through my Mom’s Christmas decorations to find them. Hoping they were just shoved to the bottom of some box. But I’ve never found them. Since I am working with Pellon, I thought this was the perfect year to make my own and share the pattern with you! You can have part of my childhood memories in your own home. Or maybe you grew up in Utah where these were all the rage, and you have your own.


Whatever the case, pop on over to Pellon Projects and get the info to make one of your own. Use whatever embellishments you want for your very own Snowflake the Snow Chick!

But if you do, please share a picture with me. I’d sure love to see it!