DC Modern Quilt Guild meeting


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  Saturday I drove to Virginia to meet with the girls and guy of the DCMQG. I always almost talk myself out of going. But then I go, and I am so happy I went. I’m not exactly sure why I try to talk myself out of it.


There were more people there then at any of the previous meetings I’ve attended. I think there ended up being 16 people. It was a sewing day, so you can imagine how nicely we filled the room with sewing machines, and tables, ironing boards and irons and most of all creative people. I love being among creative people. Just to absorb it all. I took some fabric I need to cut, but didn’t actually get that much done. I was just totally enjoying myself and taking it all in. (And I had a bit of a headache, thanks to Frederick for sharing some Tylenol with me.)


Katie, did some drawings for those of us who had participated in the 100 quilts for Kids. I can’t believe it, but I won one of the prizes! It was a bundle of ABC 123 from American Jane! So cool. I had the choice between that and some pink jelly rolls. Of course, I chose the American Jane line since there were more fabrics that I could pull for boyish projects and I am in a house full of boys. I’ve been wanting to do a 30’s-ish quilt for quite a while too. So maybe I’ll pull a retro-ish pattern for this awesome fabric.

Then there was a drawing for everyone there. It was the Swag Bag from Sewing Summit. Guess who won that? Yup. Me. I won it. So AWESOME! It was full of a couple of charm packs, a few patterns, a magazine, thread etc.

Deanne from Creative Sewlotions who owns the Quilt Haus in Texas and spends some time in the area too, stopped by for the meeting with some swag of her own. She gave us all some mini charms of Bella Solids. She did a drawing for a Charm Pack of Comma and I won that too! I should have picked up lottery tickets because I was totally lucky that day.

Of course, that isn’t enough fabric for me in one day. I picked up my fat eighths for the Madrona Road challenge.


Several of the other guilders worked on the quilt for Quilt Com. We received 6 or 8 blocks already made. Then the guild has to make up the rest of the quilt.

A good handful of the people there worked to come up with a layout for the blocks. Then some of the other peeps made some blocks to add to it. It is really fun to watch it all coming together.

Jessie gave away a bundle of fabric from her new line. I REALLY want to play with it. But since I did win a ton of goodies already, and because I adore Elle, I was happy to see that Elle was thrilled to get it. I did contemplate meeting her in the parking lot and “helping” her with her bundle. But Elle is just too nice to do that to.

It was a great time. I am so glad that I went.