It is dark here a lot

Going from Arizona, where the sun is always shining, to Maryland, where it is often dark, was a big change. The light is funny here even when the sun does come out.


Some days I don’t even open my blinds if it is icky outside. But today the sun showed up. It is still a grey light, but I was so happy to see it.


I was talking with my Mom. I was telling her how my Christmas Cactus was going to bloom soon. So I thought I’d better try to take some pictures while there is a bit of sun. I just love my Christmas Cactus. My Grandma has one that is over 90 years old. She is a miracle grower. Apparently my Great-Grandmother was also a miracle grower too. The picture below, was taken a few years ago when I visited. Nice flash I know. But this thing is HUGE. Maybe you can tell the size by comparing it to the serger to the right of it.

Someday, I’d like a piece of her plant. But in the past, I’ve killed many a Christmas Cactus. I know I gave one or two to my Sister in Law, and at least one to my Mother after I nearly sent them all to their graves. They are also miracle growers. My goal is to keep mine alive so that someday I can have part of Grandma’s plant.


I am happy to report, my Christmas Cactus is over two years old. Success! I move her around from room to room when she starts to droop, or look sad. She spends a lot of time in our bathroom. But for months now, she has sat with the rest of my plants.

You can take the girl from Arizona, but you can’t take Arizona out of the girl. Almost all my plants are various forms of desert plants. They make me feel cozy. Does that mean I’m a prickly person?


I also got some sewing in today. I have almost finished this girl. I had run out of thread so I put her aside for a while. I just need to finish the binding.



Hope the sun is out where you are!