I shared my space with Pellon

Did you see it?


I love to see where people create. It is such an intimate look at someone.  I love when all their interior furnishings match perfectly. I love to see how they organize. In another life I will have lots of money for perfectly matching furnishings and perfectly organized everything. But until then, would you like a peek at where I create?

Share My Space on the Pellon Projects Blog shared my space! How cool is that? Pellon has been around forever and I have used their products as long as I’ve been sewing. Pellon is getting more and more involved in the quilting world and I could not be more excited to be a teeny part of that!


When I decided to share my space, I went up to my room to make a “Lair” sign. I wanted a label for the name of my room. But what I ended up doing was a little whimsical rendering of my Grandmothers houses. I had intended to write something in the middle. But for now I decided to leave it until I find the perfect thing to say. Do you do that? Start out with one intention and end up with a completely different one. I do love it though.


I have this thing for houses. I know it isn’t the house that makes a home, but the people inside, and the memories made in them. But I just have this need to surround myself with houses. Makes me feel all warm and cozy. The hoop embroidery was one a girlfriend made for me when my husband and I bought our first (town)house together. 1997. Crazy!

Below that is an original work of art I commissioned from Regina Lord of Creative Kismet as a present to me and my new Lair when we moved into this home two years ago. I started following her because she was an Arizona girl who made the most awesome creations of houses, and her art just spoke to me. She was amazing to work with. I see so many of her pieces that I would love to own. But it is kind of fun to have something created just for me.


And then I have my Prairie Point House Valance that I made for Sew Mama Sew. I love the dimension to it. I love the frilly flowers of Tanya Whalen’s line. It just makes me happy to look at.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a few things about my little Lair.