My visit with my Grandma

Back in May, when I went to see my Sister for the birth of her baby, I was also able to visit with my Grandma. I think she is the neatest lady ever!


1 thimbles

She taught me how to make and do so many things. She has a wonderful thimble collection.

 2 names of thimble owner

She has teeny thimbles that belonged to her and her Mom when they were little girls. I think it is crazy to think that young girls needed thimbles at that age…and knew how to use them! Grandma has them labeled with the names of who they belonged to, written inside them. Such a great idea.



Do you remember when it is all the rage to paint on saw blades? I’m not sure if it was just a Utah thing, or if it was everywhere. But it was really popular years ago. Of course Grandma’s painting was a snow covered wood scene. I have several of her snow covered wood scene paintings in my house.



When I was little, My older sister and I got to go with her to some Tole Painting classes. I was the only child among lots of Grandma types. It was awesome! My Grandma is very talented with the brush and paint.




We went down in the basement and looked through all her creations. I pulled some of the things up that I thought would be fun to take pictures of. She has stacks and stacks of paintings on canvas too. Her stairs are steep and I didn’t want to carry anything too big up them.





She painted all these welcome pieces. The center oval changes out for each season.


 11 with Grandma


This is my most favorite place to be, with my most favorite person. We spent many hours on her front porch swing. We have been huddled under blankets while the snow came falling softly down. We have been out on a warm summer day, hoping for a nice breeze, watching the kids ride their bikes or play in the tree. My Grandma has a way of making everything magical. It was a great visit.

I gave my Grandma the Mellow Yellow Quilt.


My Grandma and Mom were delighted. Grandma taught me how to quilt. We would piece quilts. But mostly we would tie the quilts off using the wood frames my Grandpa made for each of the families. Mom hand stitched a wholecloth quilt on the frame. It was beautiful.




Grandma and Mom were looking at my points. They are pretty darn good, if I say so myself. They know what it is like to get the points to match up nicely. There are also secret messages quilted in the quilt. I love to do that. It is like my little way to say “I Love You!”


I imagine my Grandma sitting on her front porch on cool days with the quilt wrapped around her. I told her she had to use it, and she had to take it outside. So glad to have amazing ladies who have taught me much.