Hugs and Kisses revisited

Remember this quilt?:


I love my son’s little face peeking out over the top.

My friend commissioned me to make a quilt for her baby to be.

Her son Logan, is now 3 weeks old. I went over yesterday to see if I could get a few pictures of him. Mostly, I went to hold that sweet new baby. I am not a newborn photographer. But I have wanted to play with a baby for a long time. I did of course, play with pictures of my babies when they were new. But they are 10 and 6, so it has been a while.

 Logan 2

Logan stayed awake the whole time aside from the one below. I love the one above best of all. I think I like the conversion a little brighter, but I think it is still good.

 Logan 3

We were there for a little while and Logan decided to wake up when we were meddling with him and moving him around.


I just love his little one eye. So cute.

It was super fun to play with him and hold him. My 6 year old was also really into holding and touching him. That is always fun to see.