Hopscotch finished and shared and now finally blogged.


I finished it a while ago. I'm just getting around to posting about it. I decided to gift this to my Grandmother. I was planning a trip to Utah to visit with my family. My sister was due with a baby any time. I was going in hopes to be there for the birth of her sweet baby. I knew I was going to visit my Grandmother while I was in Utah. I just knew she would love this. She taught me how to sew when I was little.   


It is so soft! I just love it! It is backed in flannel.
20120503_999_11 20120503_999_27

My Mom came up to Utah for the birth of my sister's baby, from Arizona. So both my Mom and my Grandma were there. They were picking at my points. I know it isn't nice to say, but I told them too. I was so proud of my points all coming together so well (once I got the hang of them.)

My Grandma understands quilting because she used to quilt. Mom did too, but on a smaller scale. We all used to tie quilts in the family room. My Grandpa made quilt frames to tie quilts for a few of us years ago. (Oh, how I wish I had one myself.)

Grandma is just beautiful! I love her so much. She loved the quilt.