A gift for the Kindergarten teacher


I was lucky to be able to volunteer for the Kindergarten teacher every week. She was a sweet lady and my little Kindergartener loved her. For the end of the year gift, I asked her what her favorite color was. Deep Purple.


I absolutely fell in love with this Art Gallery fabric and just had to make something with it. My son said his teacher needed a new lunch tote. I found a free pattern from Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie called Pick-A-Pocket Purse. Perfection!


Since the top fabric was almost white, I thought it would get dirty fast. I used some of the same oval elements fabric from the handles to line the top of the purse. It also added some stability to the purse. I did use firm batting in the purse, but I think I would have used some in the handles too. I also think this would be awesome a little bit bigger. I am just in love with the Art Gallery fabrics! The feel of them is just so smooth.


My son’s teacher loved it!