Hopping along at a snail’s pace with my Hopscotch


I have to say, once I sit down and sew, the quilt is coming together fairly easily. It is a fun pattern. I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and sew, unfortunately.


I was able to spend some time sewing this last week and I am getting there.


I am don’t think my fabric has that dynamic quality that a lot of the others in the group have. So I decided to put a little treat in there. I saw it on flickr first. Sara from Pings and Needles made this lovely paper pieced block. Is it still a block if it is a triangle? Anyway, I thought it was a lovely detail. She noted that she made the line drawing herself. I knew I could find a download of an iris folding from a scrapbook site, so I did that instead. The iris folding is done backwards from a paper foundation piece. So I just went in the opposite order of the numbers on my paper.


I like to hide some sort of fun detail in my quilts anyway, so I thought this would be something little I could slip in.


I don’t think it stands out, so it is kind of a surprise!


See, you almost don’t notice it, but it is there saying hello.


Once I got a feel of the pattern and cut my pieces with better accuracy, I think the points came together just fine.


Here they are ready to be stitched together in rows and then together in the whole top.

About my design wall…One day out of desperation, I put a large piece of leftover felt on my wall to be a temporary design wall. With kiddos who are interested in my studio space, I kind of like that I need to pin my pieces to the felt. I don’t need to worry about them getting out of order or falling off. And I like the size of the felt. It covers most of my one solid wall in the room. Makes me happy.


Now to steal some time to get it pieced together. That part should go fairly quickly too. It is just to get the time to do it. Isn’t that always the secret?

Check out the other lovely Hopscotch progress  in the swooning on a hop along flickr group.