A quilt for my Math-y sister

There is that McD commercial out now where they ad “Y” to the end of everything to make it sound yummy. “Tomato-Y” My kids think it is hilarious and now add the extra y to everything to make it sound better. So here is a quilt for my Math-Y sister!

1 a quilt for my math-y sister

It all started when I saw this graph-ic post from a squared w. I had to pin it for my sister Erika. She is a Math geek and I thought it would be fun to have some kind of meaning to the quilt I would make for her baby to be. My sweet Erika even worked at a place named “Mathnasium” where she tutored kids in math. Perfect quilt for her.

I had ordered this fabric from Sandi Henderson’s Secret Garden line before I had decided on the quilt pattern. (I did add the pink floral, the red and the backing fabric from the LQS to make it more girlie.)  Another reason I liked this specific pattern was because it was a good choice for large prints like this line. Secretly, I only used about half the intended selections from this line for my sister’s quilt. I took out the grey and blues to keep for myself ‘cause I love them so.


I haven’t paper pieced a whole quilt like this before. And I can’t believe I did this, but I was trimming away two of the blocks and I used my rotary cutter to slice through the paper. I had just put a new blade on too. Oy. I have a rotary blade just for paper. Sometimes, I guess I get caught up in what I’m doing and don’t think about these things.


Anyway, this went fairly quickly. The hardest part was trying to figure out the layout for it.

  2 math quilt done

And the finished quilt! I think it is lovely!

 3 math quilt

My neighbor was outside on her back patio when I was having my little photo shoot with the quilt. I’m sure she thought I was nutty being out in the cold snapping pictures of a quilt. Ha. Kind of made my day imagining what she was thinking of me.


I used the fabrics from the center of the quilt to bind it.


My favorite quilting is to sort of follow the lines of the image. I traced part of the flower in the corner here. Maybe you can tell.


One of my secret messages. Do you do that? Do you add secret messages and shapes into your quilting? I don’t know why I started it, but I think I’ve always done this. This one says “Love Tante Anjeanette”. Tante is Danish for Aunt.


The back I added some of the fabric from the front. I had enough of the floral red for the back, but I think it is more fun with a little color.

8 back of the quilt

I also decorated a couple of onesies and teeny socks to go with the quilt.

  12 baby girl gifts

I hope my sister and her coming baby will love it.