A new Hopscotch

Katy is doing it again. After the Swoon Along, the group is now going to do two more patterns from Camille, Hopscotch and On a Whim. I decided I wanted to just do Hopscotch. I chose it because it is triangles, not squares and not HST. I figured it would be more of a challenge for me. Although, after seeing some of the progress on On a Whim, I am kinda wishing I picked up that pattern too when Camille had them for $5 each.

hopscotch 3

Hopscotch is made with a Jelly Roll and some yardage. I didn’t have a specific reason for the Hopscotch aside from the challenge, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a Jelly Roll. I found someone who cut their own strips of this Tina Givens Anabella in Mink fabric. It is an older line, but the yellow poppies really called to me, as did my pocketbook;)  I do prefer real Jelly Rolls that are pinked. This is messy in the making because the fabric likes to unravel. But I can totally deal with it for what I spent.

hopscotch 1

At first, I hated this pattern! I mean HATED with capital HATED. I was starting to think of it as “The Frog Quilt” because of all the frogging I was doing. I could not get the corners to match up at all. I didn’t think my technical sewing was that bad. But each seam I made, I had to frog at least once. So I went back to the drawing board and checked all my pieces. They were off about 1/4 of an inch in many cases. I had stacked my fabric to make cutting quicker. But it was not a good idea. Once I fixed all my pieces, my corners matched up much better. They still aren’t perfect all the way around, but I can live with them! Yay!


I am pressing my seams open as I go. I’m not usually a fan of pressing that way, usually I like to press to one side and let them nestle together. But they just make the points nicer if they are pressed open. I only actually cut out enough fabric to make 6 triangles. I had to sneak some time in. I didn’t want to sit down forever and cut and then end up not liking the pattern. I really like it a lot now.

hopscotch 2

When I get some more triangles done, the star in the center will be yellow and off white. But I just put them together to get an idea of how they were looking so I could decide if I hate it or love it.


I fell so much better now. I was thinking there was really something wrong with me for not being able to get the points to match up at all. I guess cutting isn’t my strong point. I can deal with that;)

Now just to sneak in some more time to cut up some more fabric and make more triangles.