Matchy Matchy bathroom with a TP cover.


Have you seen the commercials from Cottonelle about their toilet paper covers? My husband and I giggle when we see them. Do people really NEED a toilet paper cover? Doesn’t everyone know what toilet paper looks like? Do we need to hide them? Would the covers they are selling actually be something you would want? When I looked online to see what company was making the toilet paper covers, I found out that they are designed by a real designer. Which reminded me about how Betz White designed the Kleenex boxes. That makes them cool, right? BTW, I did think they were cute. But we honestly just grab a handful of toilet paper for our noses. Is that wrong? When they make tissues as soft as my beloved Charmin, I may buy them. But in the meanwhile, I’ll use my soft Charmin.


Since I’m rambling, I have to tell you that the one thing I will never cut costs on is toilet paper. If my butt isn’t happy, quite frankly, I’m not happy. I’ve birthed two children and I need some loving down there! My grandma always had the hardest and thinnest toilet paper. I think it rivaled thin magazine paper. It hurt and made my butt unhappy. I loved so many things about her house. But I HATED using her bathroom! Ouch! I am pretty sure that because I was scarred like that as a child, I developed toilet paper snobbery.


And for some more rambling, the toilet paper should go over the roll and not come out from the bottom. K? There is just no debating in this house. Got it?!

So a while ago, I was doing my regular blog hopping and found the Dress up your Roll Challenge for making a toilet paper cover. I didn’t think much of it. Later, when I was making my Swoon block for my teeny powder room, it did cross my mind. I mean, if a quilt can go in the bathroom, why not give it a friend? 

I put a picture of my block in progress on Flickr and Quilt Jane commented that I should make a cover to match my Swoon, I figured it was Serendipity, right? Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. It isn’t like Kismet or Serendipity. Though, it did sound like a good reason to make something. I don’t typically need a reason to make things. So when I came up with a reason, I figured I must. (I also made it ‘cause I thought it was funny.)


 The idea still makes me giggle. I even giggled when I was making this. I made a friendship braid and it called for diagonal quilting. As I was quilting it, I kept repeating “quilted Northern” in my mind. I think the quilting is perfect for a toilet paper cover. I do so love my quilted toilet paper, even though it isn’t Northern.

I used the same fabric that was used for my Swoon block. It is a simple project, but no less fun. My star on the top is to pay homage to the Swoon block.


Thanks for peeking. Do you plan to buy a toilet paper cover? Is it wrong to mock them and then make one yourself?