Adding a little crochet bling to a onesie

10 crochet trim on onesie

In my last post, I shared a quilt I made for my Math-y sister. I also sent her a couple of onesies that I added some crochet trim to. It is super easy and just adorable.


9 crochet ric rac

I found a tutorial for crocheting ric-rac from foxslane. If you can crochet, this whips up in no time! I just crochet a piece of ric-rac long enough to go over the front neck line of the onesies. With a needle and thread, I tacked it down to the top of the onesie! Super easy.

  11 crochet trim on socks

I thought the onesies needed some socks too. These socks are teeny. I forgot how small baby stuff is. I used the pattern from foxslane and just did half of it to add the trim to the socks. You need to remember when crocheting trim around socks, that the socks need to be able to stretch. I only stitched into each 4th rib in the socks for the pattern. These took a few minutes each. Super dooper easy. And the cute factor is so high.


Two onsies with matching socks! My mom did this when my baby sister Erika came along (14 years after me, 12 years after my younger sister Rebecca). I can still remember Mom stitching onto onesies with a blanket stitch around the necklines and then adding crochet trim to it. My way is a little quicker than that. But I’ve also done it Mom’s way, crocheting the trim directly to the neckline.

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