A February finish- The Monkey quilt


Do you ever have projects that you just aren’t that into? Projects that you drag your feet to do? This is one of those. The problem started with my son picking the fabric. The fabric he wanted was this Urban Zoologie by Robert Kaufman. The problem is that he just wanted monkey fabric. I convinced him to pick some blue to go with it. Then my calculations were off on the size of the triangles and the corner points do not match up nicely. I didn’t want to cut out a zillion more triangles so I just went with it, even though I knew my points weren’t good.


I dragged my feet. But my son loves it. And it is about him and not me, right? He even helped me in a few places, which was fun for both of us.


It is hard to tell, but there are three different shades of blue, making 6 pointed stars, with hexagons of the monkey fabric in each. The stars I quilted with a kind of fancy star design, and then I did a meander for the rest of the monkey print. Around the border, I just did straight rows.


I backed it with this blue minky fabric.


I love the binding. It is Pam Kitty Morning Blue Missy Stripe. (It looks purple on this site, but it is a pretty blue.)


I always quilt little love notes in my quilts. This one says “Love Mom” with a heart. My son is just reading, so I tried to make it more print type than script.


My son wants to be a Ninja when he grows up, so this one says “Ninja Boy”. He told me a few messages he specifically wanted. Of course, I was happy to oblige. It was fun to watch both my boys searching for the secret messages on this. They were totally excited. And my 6 year old loved his finished quilt. It was just a few days late for his birthday. In my book, it totally counts.

But what matters most is that he LOVES it!