By George, I think I’ve got it! {My SWOON!!}

So, my take two of the Swoon block for my Powder room was the layout below.

I was not digging it. There was too much black and not enough variations of grey.

I also have a little problem following a pattern exactly as it is written. The pattern calls for lots of wasted HST parts. I don’t love having tons of pieces laying around. So all the HST, I cut to 4” to give me wiggle room, and I cut them diagonally in half. When I went to make the flying geese, I  lined up my ruler at a perfect 45 degree angle, but matched it 1/4” in from the diagonal. I also marked the center point of the diagonal in the other direction so I could match up my HST pieces.

My HST triangles, I also marked the center of the diagonal. With right sides together, I matched the center marks and the full diagonal like. Then I stitched a 1/4” on the HST. Press it back and make sure you have covered the underneath fabric. VIOLA! Perfect flying geese. Now trim the back and do the other corner!

For the bigger flying pieces that I did with 6 1/2” pieces, I put a piece of tape to mark the diagonal I needed to mark. (I got it from the previous flying geese measurements.) Then mark the same way.

I only ended up with the underneath pieces of the flying geese as leftovers. Makes me happy!

I was pretty sure I liked the layout much better.

Turns out, I LOVE this one! I love how the corners look like flowers with buds. I love the addition of the black stripes.

I love how the center piece is framed in the star.

And I like that there are three grey fabrics in this! I feel like my poor little yellow powder room needed some color.

I don’t think this is too feminine. I think it is bold and sort of graphic. It has several different ranges of color and I am in love. Do you think my husband would let me marry it? Well, after I marry Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, together. They aren’t good without the otherWinking smile

I know I said my priority was my son’s quilt. But this was laying on my floor in the studio and I HAD to do something with it before I could work on his quilt. I am so pleased. Now to figure how to quilt and what to bind it with. Happy Monday to you!
(When it is just one block, I was able to cut it out and stitch it up in one day!