String quilt and hex log cabin pillows {spinning some webs for Halloween}

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4 log cabin hexagon spiderweb
I wanted to make some spider web throw pillows for my couch. When we moved, we purged a lot of things that now I’m wondering why we purged them. We had a 9 foot Christmas tree that never made it off the moving truck. Of course we didn’t figure it out until Christmas last year. I fear that some of our decorations didn’t make it to our new house either. All of our holiday decorations are quite …uhm lacking.
I had a lovely idea to make a string quilt block into a spider’s web. I made wider white strips and teeny colored strips.
1 string quilting
The strips ended up being 1/4 of an inch. If you can imagine, when you put them together, there was quite a bit of bulk. I pressed them every way I could and still it just seemed a little bulky to me. My kids loved it though. I added a button spider to the web. Of course, those same sweet kids that love it, also told me that my or “Spee-I-der” is missing two legs.

2 string spiderweb quilting
I fussy cut another spider out and hung it on the back. The kids approved of that guy.
3 back of string spiderweb pillow
Since my first one was a bit too bulky to make me want to make another one just the same way, I decided to fussy cut the center spider in a hexagon shape. Then I did a kind of Log Cabin pattern.
4 log cabin hexagon spiderweb 
I love the way this one came out!
5 finished web
Together, they are quite the pair!6 finished both pillows
How are you decorating for Halloween?