Feeling wishy-washy with my Swoon

I had ordered some fabric to make a Swoon wall hanging for my powder room. I didn’t love it when I put it in my powder room. Then I also started thinking that the block may be too big to even put in my teeny powder room.

So I looked through my fabric and found my lovely Jennifer Paganelli fabric from two or so years ago. Gasp! I can’t believe I haven’t used it before now. I just wanted to try out the pattern and see what it would look like size wise. I love everything about my Jennifer Paganelli fabric.

It is so much softer than regular quilting fabric. I did make a skirt out of the yellow. I didn’t want a skirt out of the brown and blue too, so they have just sat for all this time.

I’m not sure I love the block I made with it. I didn’t have a solid to go with it and I think that makes is a little chaotic. I also changed the color placement a little because I had three prints.    But I do kind of like it…I think.


I taped it in my powder room to see about the size, and I actually think it is the perfect size. I almost love it in there. I think.

I went back to my fabric I pulled to go with the grey and started cutting it up.

Now I REALLY don’t like that.


I wonder if I should just go back to the Sweetwater line only (above) or if I should finish up the Jennifer Paganelli and put it in there.

It went together really quickly. There are some places where all the fabric doesn’t want to lay perfectly flat. I tried to trim it up nicely and it doesn’t bother me now.

If I were to make a whole quilt with this block, I would stick with the pattern as it is written with two fabrics + one solid for each block.

I do have a problem with following directions exactly. I always seem to see things differently than they are written. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. I do love to play either way! This block looks beautiful with a big print and contrasty solids. Both of those things I just typically don’t buy. I love that this one pattern has made me rethink the possibility of larger prints.