Back to School Tradition

(As seen on Roots and Wings Co blog)

I moved from Arizona to Maryland a year ago. Both my kiddos started school this year. The kids wrote what they wanted to be when they grew up, like I shared with you a two years ago. This year, the 4th grader wants to be a singer.

The Kindergartener wants to be a scientist. Don’t let that cheezy smile fool you. He even has his evil scientist Mwa ha ha laugh.

And here I am. I was so busy getting the kiddos where they needed to go and all the right pictures, I barely was able to run a brush through my hair. But after the kids were in school, I was a little homesick for our usual traditional Boo Hoo Breakfast I used to host. Mom
Both my boys were in school for the first time. So I wrote out the one constant thing I wanted to be when I grew up. I’ve wanted to be lots of things. I still do. But I’ve always wanted to be a Mom.