Last Day of School!!

All day long, I have been singing “Schoooooools Out For Summer” Does that age me? I didn’t actually listen to Alice Cooper growing up. But doesn’t everyone listen to that song at the end of the year? Or at least that line of the chorus? Maybe it is best if I just retract that whole thing?


Ok let’s forget all of that. I saw this adorable idea to use these reusable cups with straws on Lisa Storms blog with printable flags included. How could I not do this? I had seen these cups everywhere but when I went to look, I couldn’t find the clear ones. I like these anyway because you can freeze them and they are supposed to keep the drinks colder longer.


We also picked up some reusable summery shaped ice-cubes as well as the drink mixes. The boys drew and wrote thank you notes that we put inside the cups as well. I put the teacher’s names on the backside of each flag.


No need to reinvent the wheel.


He just graduated from preschool! He was excited, can you tell?

Happy Summer.