A Zig Zag Egg.

2 zig zag egg

I have been wanting to make a zig zag quilt ever since I saw Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial. I like that there are no triangles! Brilliant. Not that I have anything against triangles. I may or may not have one triangle project sitting quietly on a shelf somewhere.

1 zig zag for egg 

I thought it would be cute to have a little zig zag in the middle of an egg that I could hang on my wall. My walls are awfully bare. So I whipped this little number up. I did have some single pieces because I wanted the top of the egg completely one color and the bottom another. I had strips of fabric because I was using remnants. After I pieced together the zig zag above, I cut off the top and bottom points and added strips in the same color. Cut it out in the shape of an egg and made the backside too.

3 zig zag egg closer

Kinda cute.

2 zig zag egg

It is spring here. SPRING! Such a glorious word. In Arizona we didn’t really have anything like this spring.


So pretty to see all the trees and plants blossoming.




I even put in a couple of these cuties.


Enjoy your spring wherever you are.