Working on small binding and jumping on the Mug Rug bandwagon.

mug rug

I have been practicing with my new sewing machine. It is so much nicer than anything I have ever sewn on before. I am in love.

I have been reading about Mug Rugs for some time now and wanted to try my hand at it. I also have been reading about using a smaller binding to finish the Mug Rugs. I decided to give it a try. mug rug back

I had some left over fabric from my valance in this fabric I just love. The binding wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. I wasn’t able to get it very tight either. BUT I did finish it by hand on the front. Ahem. I need more practice at finishing bindings by hand. The back side where I machine stitched it on was just fine.

mug rug binding 

The front side…well I had a little trouble with it unfortunately. My hat goes off to people that can bind by hand. Holy SMOKES! It is hard. I think I will stick to machine stitching for now.

mug rug binding oops  

Still, this little Mug Rug along with a Starbucks gift card were happily received from my Sister in Law. I will keep practicing my bindings. It is a lot of fun and these little Mug Rugs are so quick to stitch together. Quite the gratifying project.