We had a Pirate Paaaarty!

I do so love birthday parties! They remind me of my own parties when I was a kid. I would be so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before. We would get everything ready and then perch our little bodies on the back of the couch and look out the front window waiting for the guests to arrive. We probably waited for a good hour on the back of that couch. So much excitement! I hope that my kids are making great memories of their birthday parties too. Years from now, I hope they still remember their parties and fill like a kid again.
At first my youngest wanted a Ninja party. I searched online for a week or so for all the Ninja ideas I could find. Then he said he wanted a Pirate Party. Again, I searched the internet for some inspiration. I told him this time, he could NOT change his mind. So I fixed up a Pirate Party. Specifically, he wanted eye patches and loot bags. I made brown loot bags for the boys and red ones for the girls. The girls had a heart on their eye patches instead of the painted on skull and bones.
My son also had to have gold coins with gold and silver necklaces.
For my kid’s birthdays, I always do some drawings. We had pin the patch on Cap’n Birthday boy, and sink a ship cardboard cut outs. (My husband cut holes out of the cardboard after I took the picture.) I think the reason I do these kinds of things, is because my Dad did this too. I can’t remember exactly what the picture was, but he drew a picture on a big box and cut holes for us to throw bean bags into. Maybe it was a Kerploppus from one of our favorite books Professor Wormbogs Gloomy Kerploppus.
We had our same games that we played as kids, like the package game. After all these years you would think we could come up with a better name for it. But it will always be “The Package Game” I guess. We start with a small treat like a small box of Skittles. Wrap it in one layer of news paper. In each layer after that, we put another small treat or two, like some Smarties. Wrap it more times than the number of guests you have. When it is time to play the game, it is a lot like musical chairs or hot potato. We played our Emphatical Piratical CD that my kids already love. The kids all sit in a circle and pass the package around the circle until the music stops. When the music stops, the person holding the package gets to open one layer. They keep whatever was in that layer, then the pass it on with the music going again. The person to open the last layer, gets to keep the treat.
We had a treasure hunt, finishing off with “X marks the spot” and the kids got their loot bags.
I can’t wait for our next party sometime in May. I wonder what that son will pick for his theme?

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