Finally some pink- a baby shower.

all boxed up

I have boys. I would not trade them for the world. But there isn’t a whole lot of pink in my life. Let’s be honest here…Pink is the best color ever. The world could use some more pink.

My sister in law had a baby girl. I was so excited to get to play with some pink! I used my Mom’s directions to crochet a baby blanket in pink and I added some crocheted trim to a couple of onesies and baby socks. My Mom did this when my sister who is 14 years younger than me, was coming into this world. I thought such a small thing really made a cute detail. I wonder if we have any pictures of my sister in her trimmed onesies?

 close up of trim

onesies and socks

I also made my favorite baby shower activity which is freezer paper stenciled onesies. This is supposed to be “Sweet Pea”. Do you get it?

sweet pea

I even made one to look like the elephant from my sister in law’s chosen bedding. Signed Tante Anjeanette. That is Danish for Aunt.

Tante Anjeanette

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