Aebleskiver –gluten free/dairy free

In my family, we have a lot of traditions. Many of them are food related. Aebleskiver are a favorite holiday food. Typically we eat it at Christmas time. This year I was able to take my little family back to Arizona and celebrate Christmas with the rest of the extended family. It was a packed 4 days and unfortunately, no Aebleskiver were made. sigh.
My 4 year old and I both have food allergies. Mine are wheat, dairy, oats and lettuce. I know, who is allergic to lettuce? That’d be me.
I am determined to find foods that I can eat and still enjoy traditions. You do have to have an Aebleskiver pan to make these. But I’ve tried for two years now, and found that you can make substitutions and still have lovely Aebleskiver! Yay me! I’m not sure if my Danish ancestors are turning over in their graves over this one, for making substitutions, or if they would be happy that I am carrying on traditions with my family. I’d like to think the latter. In spite of being allergic to all things yummy, I can still enjoy foods with some little substitutions.
Last year, I used Bob’s Red Mill flour mix and rice milk in the typical recipe. I also use grape seed oil to fry them in place of butter. I discovered that as long as you use a stronger flavor, like grape jelly, you can’t really taste a difference. However, I discovered that Bob’s mix was made with garbanzo  and fava flour. We were remembering that for a while afterwards. Yikes! This year I used the new Bisquick gluten free baking mix and just followed the recipe for pancakes, using soy milk in place of milk. It does have a bit of a grainy texture, but again, with grape jelly, I wasn’t bothered at all by it. My hubby and son ate a bunch of them. My older son, well he just likes his cereal;)
I am glad that there are a lot more options for people with food allergies than years ago. I am still able to celebrate family traditions and pass them onto my kids!