My favorite Baking book is now matched with a Cook book! Dorie Greenspan has a new book out

Something that is very important to me is learning the basic way to make things. Over a year ago, I was blog-hoping as I love to do. I started by looking for other people that had tried the recipes from a Weight Watchers book I had just received from my Mom. I ended up finding a baking group called Tuesdays with Dorie. It is a group of bakers that make the same recipe as all the other bakers in the group. They post their outcome every Tuesday. Brilliant! I had never heard of Dorie Greenspan before but the idea of a group of bakers working their way through a baking book enticed me.

At the time, the group was closed so I just watched the group for a while. Finally, I decided to go ahead and purchase Baking: From My Home to Yours too. I started baking the same recipes as the group. It was so nice to be able to read about what was working and what wasn't working for the other bakers. They also talked about where you could get some of the hard to find items.

I typically believe you should never trust a skinny cook. Dorie is skinny with a capital S. But let me reassure you, her recipes are perfection. The instructions were easy to understand and the recipes almost always came out beautifully the first time! I learned a lot of things and my family happily enjoyed the fruit of my labor.

Then there was a major food allergy discovered in my house. Well, it was a known thing but we started really changing our diets. Butter was not an item in our fridge anymore. So I stopped baking. I stopped baking everything. And it made me sad. And then we moved. At first we lived in a furnished apartment with all our stuff, including all my kitchen supplies, in storage.

I was blog hopping again, and visited the lovely Tuesday with Dorie blog. Dorie came out with a COOK book Around my French Table! I know! I hemmed and hawed for a few days. I got some money for my birthday and finally decided to splurge and pre-order her new book. I was so excited to hear the Tuesdays with Dorie group is going to work their way through Dorie's new book too!

I just got he book! It is another huge and lovely book. The pictures are divine. The recipe names and descriptions are to die for! I was so excited to be holding the book in my own two hands. I actually received two other books today that were ordered for my birthday. One is a Scandinavian baking book and the other is a crochetting book. I know. I had a hard time deciding which book to look at first. But Dorie's book called out to me.

I started to read it like it is a novel. I started making a list of the recipes I want to make. Seriously! I want to try most of them. It is like food porn to me flipping through the pages.

I wanted to call someone that also has the book in their hands and ooze over the beauty of it. I told my sister and she just didn't get it.

Let's start with the picture on the cover. I want to make that. Chicken in a pot: the garlic and lemon version. I am salivating.

I am excited to follow along with the cooking group. There are still major food allergies in my family. Our allergies are some of the basic ingredients in most recipes. Milk, wheat, oats, and lettuce are my allergies. Anything from a four-legged animal are my son's allergies. I can't say I'll try everything in the book. I am totally excited to get my kitchen in order and crack the book to make some of Dorie's recipes for my family.