Hello and welcome!

I am starting another blog. I know. I have had a private blog since 2007. At first it was public, but since I put pictures of my kids and talk about my family, I made it private. The problem with a private blog is that anything I make, I can only share with my friends and family. I'm not sure all my friends and family are as interested in reading about what I'm making as maybe someone else may be. So here I am with another blog. You may have seen me on a crafty blog I started with my sister and sister in law. I get a little posessive and want to do things my way. When my life got super crazy, I had to back out for a little while. Now, although it still is my family, I don't feel quite right stepping back in.

I am interested in learning good technique. I want to learn the right way to make something as opposed to the fudging it way. I know that even I fudge it sometimes. But I have been turned off with a lot of blogs that don't actually use good technique. I sew a lot and received a lot of comments from people that wanted no-sew options or that would complain that they couldn't sew. I also got tired of everything being made with hot glue. When I make something, I want it to really last. Hot glue to me, is a temporary fix. I gave my sister my glue gun years ago. I do use some specific glues and E6000 is my favorite. I think if you are a real crafter, that is the go to glue and not a glue gun.

I thought of calling my blog lots of different names like "Back to Basics", "Start with a good foundation", "From my Hands",or "From Scratch"...etc. but I wasn't thrilled with them. I also thought of calling this blog "No glue allowed" but I don't know that I can always keep to the name because as noted above, I do use some glues, just not hot glue and not on very many projects.

I am interested in learning fundamental things that women in our past would have known and excelled at. This ranges from canning and preserving food, to tatting. I am excited to again be sharing in the open, the things I am making. I consider myself a hobby collector. I enjoy learning all kinds of ways to make things. Basically, if it is with your hands, I have either tried it before, or I have wanted to try it. My bucket list for hobbies is a mile long.

Stick around and share some words as I chronicle what I am currently making.